What is the Best Noopept Dose?

Because Noopept is such a powerful nootropic, it is very important you get your dose correct. The most commonly recommended dose for Noopept ranges from 10-30mg. Piracetam’s recommended dose, on the other hand, ranges from 800mg – 2,400mg. As you can see, Noopept’s doses are microscopic.

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I highly recommend staying within the 10-30mg range. Where you fall into the range will depend upon how much you weigh. If you are under 140lbs, I suggest 10mg, between 140lbs – 200lbs 20mg, – and for those over 200lbs – 30mg.

However, despite the extremely low recommended doses for Noopept, it is extremely safe and non-toxic. One study administered doses of 100mg/kg to male and female rabbits for over 6 months. This equates to a 7,258mg dose for someone weighing 160lbs.

The study claimed no irreversible pathologic changes in the organs and systems studied took place, there was no allergenic, immunotoxic, or mutagen activity, and no effects on generative function or postnantal progeny development took place.

So can you safely take more than the recommended Noopept dosage? Probably. However, reports on the effects from higher doses tend to differ.

More isn’t Always Better

I want to point out that many drugs have a U-Shaped return curve. In other words, too small of a dose won’t help much, but too large of a dose won’t help much either. There is a dosing “sweet spot” which can maximize your benefits.

For example, research shows that a 4.8G dose of Piracetam is more effective than both a 2.9G dose and a 9.6G dose. More is not necessarily better, there is a U-shaped dose-dependent return.

Are there any studies like this on Noopept? Not that have been able to locate. But from my own experiences, and anecdotal evidence from forums, I can provide you with some advice. Keep in mind everyone’s brain is different, and the perfect dose is likely not the same for everyone.

For myself, I find the perfect dose if right around 20mg and I weight 140lbs. I’ve tried doses which range from 10mg to 60mg. At 10mg and 30mg I feel a noticeable effect, but the effect isn’t as powerful at 20mg doses. When I take doses ranging from 40-60mg, not only do I feel not positive effects but I become very drowsy. I remember taking a nap for the first time in months after I tried a 60mg dose.

However, someone who described their experience with high Noopept doses on longecity forums had positive results. He had been taking doses of 20-30mg two or three times daily for a month before trying a 100mg dose. He stated he felt nothing the first time he took the 100mg dose, but felt serene and clear the following day.

A couple days later he tried three 100mg doses in a single day. The first two doses went great, but the third one produced a very flat, emotionless feeling. Since then he has been taking 100mg of Noopept twice a day and feels great. Turns out the optimum Noopept dose for him is 100mg twice per day, for me, the optimum dose is 20mg, twice per day.

My suggestion is to start within the recommended range of 10-30mg. If you are satisfied with the benefits you receive from that dose I see no reason to go higher. If you aren’t satisfied, higher doses appear to be safe, but be careful. Keep in mind there is little known about large Noopept dosing on humans, only animals.

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