Beginner Nootropic Regimen

This regimen is designed for those who are new to nootropics. It is a safe, cheap, and balanced way for beginners to boost their overall cognitive abilities. The regimen makes use of the synergy between Piracetam and Choline to improve memory, focus, and motivation while Lion’s Mane contributes to long term mental health.

The Regimen:

Piracetam: one of the oldest and most researched nootropics, piracetam improves many measures of mental performance and overall cognitive health.

Choline: helps increase the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and is synergistic with piracetam.

Lion’s Mane: increases NGF, leading to new neurons being grown and existing neurons better able to repair themselves. Promotes long term cognitive health.

Goals of the Regimen

The goal of this regimen is to promote overall mental health and cognitive abilities. It is designed to keep one’s brain in good health by slowing the aging process of the brain, stimulating brain cell growth, and by treating cognitive impairment brought on by alcohol abuse. It improves cognitive abilities mainly through a boost to memory and one’s ability to learn. Stimulation of brain cell growth also improves all areas of brain function.

Benefits of the Regimen

1. Promotes Overall Mental Health

2. Improves Memory

3. Improves One’s Learning Abilities

How Are These Benefits Provided?

Promoting Overall Mental Health

All three of the nootropics in this regimen work together to meet this need. Piracetam provides the most benefits. This smart drug helps reduce the effects of aging in the human brain and other organs by reducing lipofuscin levels. Lipofuscin is considered a “wear-and-tear” pigment found in nerve cells, the liver, kidney, heart, muscles, and adrenals. Accumulation of lipofuscin increases with age and is a major risk factor associated with many neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Studies have shown that Piracetam decreases the levels of lipofuscin in the brain decreases one’s risk factor for all these diseases. [1]

Lion’s Mane also works to keep the brain in good health and help ward off the effects of aging by increasing your nerve growth factor. [2] The nerve growth factor is a protein that is essential for the growth, maintenance, and survival of nerve cells. In other words, lion’s mane helps your brain cells survive longer and grow faster. As you age your brain cells die off but this nootropic helps them replicate and survive promoting overall mental health.

Choline and Piracetam both work to treat cognitive impairment brought on by alcohol abuse. [3] [4]One study in particular performed with piracetam showed that perceptual organization, visual motor control, and abstract reasoning all improved in patients that had suffered cognitive impairment as the result of alcohol abuse. [3]Choline acts as the fuel for piracetam because one’s choline levels are depleted at a faster rate when taking piracetam. One study also showed the choline has a positive effect on those suffering from alcoholism as a stand-alone nootropic. [4]

Improving Memory

Piracetam and Choline are the main contributors to meeting this need. Piracetam improves the function of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which have been implicated in the memory formation process. [5] This same study argues that piracetam has an effect on NMDA glumate receptors which are also involved in the learning and memory processes. Glutamates are neurotransmitters that play a key role in learning and memory. As stated earlier choline acts as a fuel for piracetam and works in synergy with it. Taking choline with piracetam can not only strengthen piracetam’s effects but can also decrease the likelihood that you experience unwanted side effects. One could argue that lion’s mane helps your memory as well just because of the fact that you have more, healthier, brain cells.

Improving Learning Ability

Piracetam fufills this need by multiple mechanisms of action. As you read earlier it has an effect on NMDA glutamate receptors which play an important role in learning and memory. [5] Piracetam also increases activity in the corpus callosum resulting in increased communication between the two brain hemispheres. [6] Generally, when someone solves a problem or performs a task they use only one side of their brain. However, information and memories are stored in all parts of the brain. Increased communication between both sides allows for more efficient and creative problem solving. Finally, piracetam increases oxygen flow to the brain. [7] Oxygen is the equivalent to fuel for your brain. When your brain gets more oxygen it is able to operate more clearly and more efficiently. Choline boosts all these effects and just as one could argue that lion’s mane’s stimulation of the NGF improves memory; one could also argue that it improves learning ability as well.

Who Should Take This Regimen?

This is a great regimen for someone just starting out with nootropics. It is designed to promote overall mental health first with memory and learning second. It is a mild regimen intended for those looking to get their feet wet, and other regimens are better suited to meeting specific needs.

If you have no real need in mind and just want to have an overall healthier brain and some cognitive improvement then this regimen is a great starting point.

Recommended Starting Doses

Piracetam: Start with 800 mg taken 3 times evenly throughout the day.

Choline: The amount of choline you should take depends on how much you are getting in your diet. Generally you should start a supplement of 500mg of choline once per day.

Lion’s Mane: With virtually no side effects it is perfectly safe to start at 500mg taken once per day.

The dosages listed above are merely the starting point for this regimen, and results may be very subtle at these doses. These nootropics are safe even at extremely high doses, so you should increase your dosage if you don’t get the desired effects.

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