Beginner Natural Regimen

Below is a basic nootropic regimen which uses completely natural nootropics. It provides a powerful cognitive boost while being simple to take and not using any pharmaceuticals.

The Regimen:

Goals of the Regimen

The goal of this regimen is to promote an array of cognitive functions. It is designed so users can concentrate better on their work, solve problems more efficiently, and remember information better. It does all this while using only natural nootropics that have not been constructed in a laboratory

Benefits of the Regimen

1. Improves Attention Span and Concentration [1][2][6]

2. Improves Memory [3][4][5][6][7]

3. Improves One’s Learning Abilities [4][6]

How Are These Benefits Provided?

1. Improving Attention Span and Concentration – Ginko biloba is going to be your best friend for improving concentration and attention. A study conducted in 2005 showed that Ginko biloba significantly improved attention, memory, and executive function in healthy university students. [1]. A separate study conducted in 2000 concluded the Ginko produced a striking improvement on the “speed of attention” factor. This improvement was present 6 hours after intake. Both of these studies were conducted on healthy volunteers. [2] These are the types of studies to die for when it comes to nootropics. They weren’t conducted on rats or older persons suffering from Alzheimer’s. They were conducted on perfectly healthy people just like you. The verdict is in. Ginko significantly improves your attention and concentration.

Bacopa is shown to improve the speed of visual information processing. This allows you to work quicker and at a more concentrated rate. [4] When you couple these two nootropics with lion’s mane’s ability to maintain and replenish brain cells you get a very strong effect. [6]

2. Improving Memory and Learning– Bacopa will be your main nootropic for improving these two areas. The first study worth mentioning was conducted in 2001 on healthy individuals. It found that Bacopa monniera significantly improved speed of visual information processing, learning rate, and memory consolidation. If even lowered anxiety as well. [4] It is important to note that these effects were maximized after taking Bacopa for 12 weeks. Another study was conducted in 2002 on individuals aged 40-65. The results concluded that Bacopa has significant effects on the retention of new information. [5]

Ginko biloba also has your back when it comes in enhancing your memory. A study conducted in 2008 concluded that Ginko has memory enhancing and stress relieving properties. [7] Again, lets combine all these benefits with the fact that lion’s mane is increasing your nerve growth factor enhancing nearly every cognitive function you have. The effects can be profound.

Is This Regimen Right For Me?

Do you have problems staying concentrated on your work for long periods at a time? Always find yourself distracted by the internet or your smart phone? Do you finish reading and problem and can’t remember what the beginning was about? Do you want to avoid any nootropics synthesized in a laboratory? If you answered “Yes” to all those questions then this would be a great regimen for you to start out with. Even if you only answered “Yes” to the first two it would still be a good regimen. Just because they weren’t made in a laboratory doesn’t mean they aren’t effective.

Recommended Starting Doses

  • Lion’s Mane: With virtually no side effects it is perfectly safe to start at 500mg taken once per day.


Please note that for all dosages, if you aren’t getting the results that you expect, and if you are not experiencing any unwanted side effects you may want to slightly increase each dosage.

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