What are the Best Nootropics for Creativity?

Boosting creativity is a tricky feat. To understand how to boost creativity we must first know a little bit about how it works.

For a long time, creativity was thought to be controlled by the right hemisphere of our brain. In the 1970′s this view was constructed by studying split-brain patients (patients which lacked the corpus callosum). This means their right and left brain hemisphere couldn’t communicate with each other. However, we now know this model is overly simplistic and outdated but it does hold some weight.

In fact, research on Marijuana, and how it affects our creativity may shed some light on how one can be more creative. One study looked at “semantic priming”, which gives a subject one word (such as dog), then requires them to think up closely related words (such as wolf or pet).

Researchers discovered that those under the effects of Marijuana were much better as this task. They could think of greater amounts of related words much more quickly. Scientists believe there are a couple reasons Marijuana boosts creativity.

  • Marijuana enhances cerebral blood flow in the right hemisphere of our brain.
  • Marijuana stimulates alpha-wave production in the brain

By these two mechanisms of action, Marijuana can extend one range of free-associative capabilities allowing one to make connections between two things which are very loose at best. In other words, it extends the range of ideas we would normally relate to one another.

Which Nootropics Can Boost Creativity?

Two nootropics which may help boost creativity are:

1. Piracetam. Studies have revealed that Piracetam not only enhances blood flow to the brain, but also increases communication between the left and right brain hemisphere. This means more blood reaches your brain’s right hemisphere, and it can communicate better with the left hemisphere. Other ‘racetams that have this effect could also boost creativity.

2. Theanine. Research shows Theanine promotes alpha-wave production leading to enhanced coordination and communication in the brain.

Taking Theanine and Piracetam together may enhance creativity more than taking either one separate. Furthermore, if you have a medical marijuana prescription and can legally consume it, using Marijuana along with these two nootropics can provide a maximum increase to your creativity.

More Insight into Creativity

Interestingly, a study conducted on the effect of psilocybin (the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms) found that a single dose caused personality changes which lasted a year or more. These changes included increased imagination, abstract thinking, and creativity. You can read more about this research below.


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