Memory Enhancement Regimen

Below is a nootropic regimen designed specifically to provide a boost to one’s memory. To learn about how your brain creates memories and how nootropics can affect it click here. You also might notice that this regimen is very similar to the intelligence regimen. That is because working memory and intelligence are very closely tied together. Some scientists have even suggested that fluid intelligence is little more than working memory.

The Regimen:

How Will This Regimen Improve Memory?

This regimen will improve your memory by improving your synaptic plasticity. Synaptic Plasticity refers to your brain cell’s ability to form new connection. Being able to effectively form these new connections is one of the most important factors involved in memory and learning. [1] This regimen is designed to improve synaptic plasticity through various methods.

Increases levels of Acetylcholine (ACh) in the brain. ACh is a key neurotransmitter involved synaptic plasticity. [2][3]  - Taking DMAE, Oxiracetam, and Huperzia at the same time have a synergetic effect. Not only does your brain have more “supplies” to build ACh, but it can build it faster. On top of that, your brain is breaking the ACh down more slowly.The result is more ACh, which leads to greater synaptic plasticity, which leads to improved memory.

  • DMAE is a nootropic that can readily cross the blood brain barrier. Once it has entered the brain, it acts as a precursor to ACh. In other words, more DMAE equals more ACh. [4]
  • Huperzia Serrata also crosses the blood brain barrier to increase levels of ACh. However, it works in a different way. Instead of increasing production of ACh, Huperzia prevents your brain from breaking it down as fast.  [5]
  • Oxiracetam is a nootropic belonging to the “racetam” family and is regarded as one of the most potent in that family. It has the ability to expedite the production of ACh. [6] In other words, it causes your brain to produce ACh at a quicker rate.

Increases levels of glutamate. Higher levels of glutamate leads to improved synaptic plasticity. [11][12]

  • Theanine crosses the blood-brain barrier to act as an analog to glutamate. [13]   glutamate in the brain means a more plastic brain.

Increases levels of NF-KB in the brain. Higher levels of the NF-KB protein leads to improved synaptic plasticity. [7]

  • Vinpocetine increases levels of the NF-KB protein. [8] Anecdotal evidence has suggested Vinpocetine’s effect on memory may be greater than any nootropic which effects levels of ACh.

More oxygen will reach your brain. - Oxygen is fuel for your brain. All oxygen first comes through your brain and is then distributed to the rest of your body. Your brain first distributes oxygen to life-supporting functions, then to higher level brain functions. This means that the more oxygen your brain is receiving, the more oxygen there is for your brain to use on functions such as working memory, and concentration.

  • Vinpocetine is able to increase cerebral blood flow. [9] A study conducted on stroke patients concluded that a 2-week long Vinpocetine treatment was able to contribute effectively to increasing blood flow to the brain.
  • Oxiracetam may increase cerebral blood flow. Though no studies have been conducted specifically on Oxiracetam to test for this;  a study has indicated that Piracetam increases cerebral flood flow.[10] Given the similar mechanisms of action exhibited by drugs in the “racetam” family it is very likely that Oxiracetam acts in the same way. Its effects on blood flow could even be greater than that of Piracetam.

What Other Effects Will I Notice?

Even though this nootropic regimen is specifically designed to improve your memory, it will also improve other aspects of your cognition. The most notable is fluid intelligence. This regimen is completely interchangeable with regards to improving your fluid intelligence. Working memory and fluid intelligence are virtually the same thing. In order to view all the effects, read the specific articles which pertain to each nootropic. Some of the more notable ones are highlighted below. References and studies to verify these effects can be found within each nootropic’s specific articles.

  • Increases focus, attention (DMAE, Oxiraceteam)
  • Increases mood (DMAE, Theanine)
  • Neuroprotectant (Theanine, Vinpocetine)
  • Increases the rate at which neurons grow (Huperzia Serrata)

Recommended Starting Doses

Because you will be taking such a wide variety of nootropics and some of them have synergetic effects you will notice these recommended starting dosages are much lower than the dosages listed in each individual article.

  • Oxiracetam – Start with 400mg taken once per day. If you experience no gradually increase doses to a maximum of 800mg taken twice per day.
  • DMAE – Start with  100mg once per day. Doses should be taken with meals. If you experience no side effects gradually increases doses to a maximum of 200mg twice per day.
  • Huperzia – Start with 25mcg taken once per day. If no side effects occur, gradually increases doses to a maximum of 100mcg once per day.
  • Vinpocetine – Start with a dosage of 2mg per day. If you experience no side effects, gradually increase doses to a maximum of 10mg per day.
  • Theanine – Start with a dose of 100mg taken once per day. If no side effects occur, gradually increase dose to a maximum of 400mg taken per day.
  • Choline – Start with a dose 250mg taken once per day. If no side effects occur, increase dose to 500mg taken once per day.
  • Ashwagandha – Start with a dose of 200mg per day. If no side effects occur, gradually increase dose to a maximum of 1,000mg per day. Dose can be taken all at once or split up throughout the day.

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