Does Piracetam Boost the Effects of MDMA?

This is a rumor I’ve heard floating around and is a topic many people are interested in so I decided to investigate its validity.

First, MDMA is an illegal drug. You will be arrested if you are caught with it. I am not encouraging its use in any way. Until your country’s government legalizes it, stay away from it.

That being said, there some evidence which does suggest Piracetam increases MDMA’s effect. Anecdotal evidence is common.

Compelling Evidence to Support Piracetam’s Enhancement of MDMA

One of the more compelling pieces of anecdotal evidence came from a post from Erowid Experiences.

The person providing the experience used to be a heavy MDMA user. In fact, he was unable to achieve the “magic” high those using MDMA seek after taking as many as 10 doses. After hearing Piracetam could help, he decided to combine them.

He had been taking 2,400mg of Piracetam every day for three days before the experience. After trying just 1 pills of MDMA he said the experience was on par with the first time ever doing MDMA. He even reported slight visual distortions.

Tons of Anecdotal Evidence Supports This Claim

A different piece of anecdotal evidence, also from Erowid Experiences, had something different to say. The user this time has also used MDMA for quite some time, though she had cut down to once a month. She also said the “magical” feeling he used to get was virtually gone.

She said the Piracetam did enhance her trip, but it still wasn’t as magical as her first time. All her friends, on the other hand, stated their MDMA experience was just as good as the very first time they did it. She also stated the depression and lethargy that sometimes accompanies MDMA trips was almost completely absent.

More evidence posted on the forum further supports these claims. The poster of the experience took 2,400mg of Piracetam daily for 2 weeks before taking 200mg of MDMA. He experienced genuine euphoria, and blurred vision, comparable to the first time he tried it.

Why Does Piracetam Potentiate the Effects of MDMA?

To be honest, I don’t know. And I haven’t been able to find anything to explain why. Some people theorize, Piracetam helps greater amounts of the MDMA cross the blood brain barrier. Others think Piracetam may affect one of the enzymes responsible for breaking down MDMA.

Regardless of how Piracetam accomplishes the feat, all the anecdotal evidence I have come across supports the point. Furthermore, Piracetam is completely non-toxic, very safe, and causes very few side effects.

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