Bulk Powder vs. Capsules

One of the most common complaints about nootropics is the price. Purchasing nootropics in pre-made pill form can become an expensive habit. People taking 5 or 6 different nootropics could be spending hundreds of dollars every month.

Luckily, there is a relatively easy way to lower the cost you will be paying for nootropics by as much as 80%: purchase nootropics in bulk powder form. Nootropics in this form can be more of a hassle to take, especially on the go. While it is easy to mix a dose in a drink in the morning and evening, some nootropics are most effective when taken three or more times a day. Also some nootropics (especially Sulbutiamine) have a terrible taste and need to be mixed with a strong tasting drink in order to be palatable. Luckily we are not forced to choose between price and convenience; both are possible with a one time investment in a capping machine.

Capping Your Own Pills

A capping machine will allow you to create your own nootropic pills from bulk powder. This process may seem a little intimidating at first, but with a little practice it is extremely easy.

The first step is to purchase a capsule connector kit, sometimes called a capsule filler machine. A simple one that allows you to fill up to 24 pills at a time can be purchased through Amazon for $15. You will also need to purchase empty pills; these can be found on a great variety of sites including Smart Powders and Amazon.

Even though the product will come with very specific instructions, It boils down to a few basic steps

1. Put the bottom halves of the pills in the “bottom rack.”

2. Put the tops halves of the pills in the “top rack”

3. Fill up the bottom halves of the pills.

4. Combine the racks.

Making 24 pills will probably take you around 5 minutes, and the more you make the faster the process will become. You can view an excellent instructional video below:

Adjusting the Dose

The dose you will be getting will depend on the size of the pills you purchase. The sizes of empty pills are classified as a “1″, “0″, “00″, and “000″. The approximate mgs each one contains are as follows:

1:  500 mgs

0: 680 mgs

00: 950 mgs

000: 1370 mgs

However, mg is a weight measurement. Some powders are denser and could weigh more then others. Always check your first pill batch with an electronic milligram scale. They can be purchased on Amazon for just $22.

Checking the exact dose of your first batch is easy. Make the batch. Callibrate, or “zero” the scale to the weight of an empty pill. Then weight a full pill. Now you know the exact dose you are making. If it isn’t what you wanted then you may need to purchase different sized pills, and possibly an different pill filling machine. If the weight is satisfactory, you wont have to bust out the scale again until you purchase your next nootropic.

Always check to make sure the capsule filler machine matches the size of the empty pills you purchase.

How Much Can You Save?

If after reading all of this you still don’t think creating your own pills is worth it, lets put togethger some definitive numbers and see exactly how much you could be saving. If you purchase Piracetam from Amazon in pill form, you will be paying 25 dollars for 120 800mg capsules. If your standard dose is 800mg then you pay nearly 21 cents per dose. (26 cents per gram) If you purchase Piracetam from Amzain in bulk powder form, you will pay 44 dollars for 500 GRAMS. That is 500,000mgs, or 625 of your 800mg doses. This means that now you are paying slightly over 7 cents per dose. (8.8 cents per gram) Of course, you can’t forget to add in the price of the empty pills which come to 1.5 cents per pill.

Buying in Bulk Powder is almost THREE TIMES cheaper than buying pre-made pills. This can add up very fast.

If you take the recommended 3 doses a day for a year, the total amount you would spend is as follows:

Pre Made Pills: $.21 per dose times 3 doses a day times 365 days = $229.95

Bulk Powder: $.07 + $.015 per dose times 3 doses a day times 365 days = $ 93.08

You save a total of roughly $137 dollars every year by purchasing bulk powder as opposed to pre-made pills. You would cover the amount spent on the capsule filler and electronic scale in a little over 3 months.

If you are only taking 1 or 2 nootropics, and would rather spend the extra $100-$300 dollars, to avoid making pills that’s up to you. But if you are taking 5 or more nootropics, especially if some are pricey ones, I strongly suggest you start making your owns pills. It takes less effort then you would think, and you could be saving upwards of thousands of dollars per year.

With the ability to buy bulk powder, nootropics have never been cheaper. Instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars per month to put a nootropic regimen together, you can do it for under $30. If you didn’t think you could afford nootropics before, look into making your own pills before completely turning away.

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